Simplify Your Business, Amplify Your Life

Simplify Your Business, Amplify Your Life

Hosted by: Jill Myhre

Welcome to the podcast Simplify Your Business, Amplify Your Life with Jill Myhre - former teacher turned serial entrepreneur turned business coach. This podcast is all about actionable tips and strategies to help...

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I didn't sign up for this ...

Episode #17

When you're a new coach, coming into this online space is kinda scary.  It's overwhelming when you think about all of the moving parts that are required to create a sustainable business. I have a sustainable business,...
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Why Simplifying Can Be Hard - with Kristine Goad

Episode #16

Today we’re chatting with a former client of mine and the Surfing Your Edge Coach, Kristine Goad. Since 2005, Kristine Goad has been helping people get their dreams out of their heads and into the world. As the...
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👋 Why I Quit Social Media

Episode #15

You may have seen my social media post last week on 2-2-22 where I made my last post for my business and said good-bye to social media, but I wanted to talk about it on this podcast as well. I’m going to be...
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So, what do you do? 😰

Episode #14

I see a lot of coaches struggle with the idea of choosing a niche and narrowing it down. And I get it. It feels counterintuitive to focus on fewer community or audience members. Seth Godin has written several books on...
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Crocheting + A Book List + Boundaries

Episode #13

The subject line of this episode is 'Crocheting + A Book List + Boundaries' and you're probably thinking - what the heck does this have to do with business?  Well stick with me and I’ll show you … When I first got...
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The 3 Fastest Ways To Land New Clients

Episode #12

Let's be honest, everyone wants to know the fastest path to building their business. When I talk to potential clients, it's the #1 question I get. When I poll my audience, it's the #1 requested content topic. Heck, it...
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Do You LOVE The Marketing Strategy You Use To Get Clients?

Episode #11

Ever feel like it's taking LONGER to get traction online than you thought it would? Maybe you're not getting clients consistently (maybe you’re not getting ANY clients) even though you seem to be using the same...
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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome?

Episode #10

It’s a new year, and oftentimes, a cue in life to improve, grow, focus, master and change things for the better! So, how is your business going? What are the current hurdles? What are your current desires in life AND...
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2 Common Mistakes That Keep Many Entrepreneurs From Making The Most Of Their Plans

Episode #9

Ever try to work on a Saturday? My guess is it goes something like this... You wake up. You're excited because (normally) you don't get interrupted on Saturdays. No emails to answer. No phone calls. No messages from...
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How to save yourself a few hours every week with these tools & techniques

Episode #8

I’m all about simplifying your business so you can amplify your life. I want you to start 2022 off with a bang and that means being as organized and on top of things as much as possible. No matter where you are in...
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8 Effective Ways To Be More Productive

Episode #7

The goal is to simplify so you can amplify, right? But, we find ourselves scrambling to complete launch deadlines, wearing 17 different hats, answering a slew of emails, posting on social media… you get the point. So,...
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Wait … What should I be working on?

Episode #6

Let me guess - you’ve blocked time off to work on your business… you’ve got your cup of coffee (tea or whatever), your desk is cleared, you’re excited to get started, you know you have a strong work ethic and you’re...
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