Talking Values, Alignment and More with MY Mentor

I’m joined by such an amazing guest on this episode!

Lindsey Badillo is a Marketing Coach, Online Course Creator, and Public Speaker. If you're an entrepreneur who serves everyday people, you need to know Lindsey Badillo. Everything she does is heart-centered and aligned which is what makes her so incredible. 

In this episode, we had an amazing conversation about how she’s executing a WHOLESOME marketing strategy that's aligned with her vision & values.  She talks about what it looks like for your sales and marketing when you’re not in alignment as well as the importance of owning your voice & standing OUT in a space that begs for you to fit IN.

Lindsey’s Business Journey

Her Pivots

Wholesome Marketing

Offering a New Perspective

This is such an amazing conversation.  I can’t wait for you to hear everything Lindsey and I chat about so you can put these simple strategies into practice for your own business.




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