I've Been In Your Shoes

Have you been an entrepreneur for more than a year and you’re feeling more stuck than inspired? I have been there.

Feel like you’re working hard and putting in the effort, but you’re not seeing the payoff, especially in your bank account? I've been there.

You worry you will you have to get a job and quit your business? I've been there.

I have absolutely been in your shoes!


Jill Myhre

My Journey

I’ve spent over 25 years of my career learning, teaching and  coaching around sales + business - especially how to get clients while staying in my integrity.

My journey to becoming a business coach was NOT a straight or easy path. As a matter of fact, being a business coach was not even on my list of what I wanted to be when I grew up, and neither was being a salesperson.

I am a teacher by trade, and 30 years ago, the teaching profession was saturated - there were 1,800 people vying for the one and only position that was available.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to get the job, then you paid your dues by being a substitute teacher. I did that for about 4 years.

Being a substitute teacher is nothing like having your own classroom. It honestly felt like being part of the fire department. You get a phone call between five and six in the morning asking if you are available to sub. One day you’re teaching kindergarteners and the next day you might be in 10th-grade biology. Then, you hear the dreaded words … “Cool, we have a sub today!”

Who knew it would create in me the drive and passion to own my own business and live a life I love.

A new opportunity on the horizon

My path into coaching started when I was invited to hear about a direct selling opportunity. I’ll be honest - I wanted nothing to do with it. I had quietly tried selling before and I just wasn’t good at sales - BUT I listened to the opportunity.

They talked about a lot of different things, but when they talked about the money you could make, it spoke to me. You see, when you don’t have any money or you are broke, you’re more consumed with it, and we didn’t have any.

I really wanted to make the money that those women were talking about and coach others like they were, but I didn’t want to be a failure. I knew I couldn’t sell and I was scared of it. I just wanted to coach others. Well, the quote is true, “You can not teach what you do not know, and you can not lead where you will not go.”

So, if I wanted to be able to coach, I also needed to learn how to sell so I could show others. The sales strategies were completely laid out … do this - get this, do this - get this … and I worked it.

I had some great successes in my first couple of years in business. I earned the use of a free car working extremely part-time, promoted myself into the top 3% of the company 6 months later, and then earned the use of the top career car - Cadillac - 3 months later.

I loved the teaching + coaching!

But, I always had the yucky feelings around selling and I just kept trying to stuff it down. 

I was so uncomfortable with selling.  I can remember saying things to myself like, "I don’t want my friends or family to feel obligated to buy from me."  "I don't want to be a "pushy" salesperson."  "I can't sell."


I was so worried about becoming that icky salesperson that I would end up talking people out of buying my product instead of into buying it.

The truth was, in order for me to grow my business and have the opportunity to coach others, I needed sales and clients.  I also knew I needed a way of doing that without feeling pushy or salesy.

Time to make some changes ...

I continued to work hard, made changes, practiced, and repeated until I had a system that I felt good about.  I started tracking my numbers and creating systems that worked for me.  I really learned how to sell authentically in a time where people were still using slimy sales tactics.

My business grew and so did my opportunities to share my knowledge and coach others.  

All of my hard work helped me to become the #1 New Sales Director in our area, which produced an opportunity to speak at our annual conference (2000+ people). I was also asked to train at workshops, retreats, and at director meetings (which were the top 3% of the company).

Things were shifting.

Despite everything looking great on the surface, things were shifting, and I became very aware that I wasn’t happy in direct sales anymore.  

Over my 25+ years coaching & selling - some in direct sales, some in corporate sales, and as a small business owner - my business & non-pushy sales strategies have earned me 17 FREE vehicles, numerous prizes & awards, and set sales records at various companies.

People in other industries started asking me if I would coach them to grow their businesses.  I enjoyed learning about their businesses and helping them implement strategies to have a successful business.  I realized what was making me happy was coaching, and supporting entrepreneurs.  I really enjoyed helping them create a thriving business, learning how to sell authentically and enjoying the process.

You don't have to be in direct sales for my business coaching strategies to work for you.

They have worked for these professionals as well:

  • Salon & Spas
    Financial Services
  • Travel Industry
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Realtors
  • Holistic Wellness Centers
  • Health & Wellness Services
  • and others

Where I am now 

I am passionate about helping female coaches design their coaching programs and market them successfully to the people who need it the most, so they can attract clients, build profit and simplify their business, unlike many focused on doing ALL.THE.THINGS, simplifying your business is the most powerful and strategic way to make an impact doing what you love while enjoying a lifestyle with more freedom.


My mission is to help female coaches simplify their business and amplify their lives.

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